I have been with John Buxie, CPA service for over five years. When I first went to them for my tax needs, I was in arrears with the IRS and had a pending tax lien and my income taxes were audited for the previous five years. Mr. Thomsen was able to get my tax issues straightened out, and made arrangements on my behalf with the IRS to make payments.  I’ve sense been able to bring all of my back owed taxes current, and in the process my credit has been restored from a 540 to 760.  It has taken five years; however, with the assistance of Mr. Thomsen and perseverance, I have been able to correct my financial short coming. I owe a debt of gratitude; for Mr. Thomsen’s efforts and support through a serious rough financial patch. The fees are fair; I would recommend their service to anyone that is seeking a timely and professional CPA for their accounting needs.